Bujinkan Dojo in the UK
Any information about the location of Bujinkan training groups in the UK will be put on here. If you are browsing and know of a link for UK Bujinkan group please drop us an email and the link will be added to the list.

I recieve a number of calls and emails a week asking for Bujinkan Dojo in all areas of the UK. I will be able to help better if I can direct others to your site, or give them a phone number.

Our group is based in Dinnington, South Yorkshire, England.
Please note, these sites are on here to help people find a group to train at; I am not responsible for any contents on any sites. Some sites require membership. Contacts are placed here in no particular order and I have not trained personally with everyone mentioned here. I wish you luck in finding a Dojo you are happy to train in. Other Bujinkan groups can be found in a web search and not all groups in England are on this site.
Brian Duckers www.bujinkanwirral.com
Peter King http://bujinkanbritain.org.uk
David Heald http://www.okabe.co.uk
Alan Leech www.tombodojo.co.uk
Paul Harper http://website.lineone.net/~taiken
Sandy Marwick http://www.hemelbudo.org.uk
Dave Pawson www.bujinkan.co.uk
Paul Wild http://groups.msn.com/BujinkanBlackpoolDojo/drhatsumiphd.msnw
Merlyn Waters www.mahoutsukai-dojo.co.uk
Stephen Boulton http://mysite.freeserve.com/kanmuri
Roy Bradford http://www.kenshindojo.co.uk
Norman Smithers www.bujinkan-kouryuu.com
Ian Wilson http://www.bujinkanmanchester.co.uk
Ian Watkins http://www.tendoshingan.com
Larry Watson http://bujinkanruabon.mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk
John Gardner www.ninpodojo.com
Ilja Hoffmann www.mars-nottingham.com
If you want a link on this page send an email to Ikkanpaul@yahoo.com