Code of Conduct
Bujinkan Ikkan Dojo, as part of the Bujinkan, follow the Bujinkan Dojo rules, as laid down by Hatsumi Soke. The bujinkan code of conduct is on display in the Dojo for all who train with us to read; it is also available for all to see at

We are a group of people who through training have become friends, we all work toghether to make our group a pleasure to attend and to train at, therefore rather than lay down rules we observe the following:
  • Daisho Dojo was set up for the study of martial arts in all their forms. People are welcome to cross train between groups if they wish, and will be made welcome whatever their chosen art may be.
  • All we ask is that people who train, treat others as they themselves wish to be treated. Anyone who wishes to bully or harrass others, verbally or physically should not be in a dojo. Persons doing so will not be allowed to train.
  • Live and let live is our policy; learn what you can from where you can, and with whom you can. You are welcome to train and make friends with others of a like mind. True martial arts are about personal growth, through martial training, not about how many Black belts you have or who can beat whom in a fight...
  • The arts taught in Daisho Dojo aid the martial artist to be the best they can be as a person and as a martial artist. True study of the martial arts brings peace of mind and confidence and helps to make one a valued member of the group that trains here and of society as a whole.
To quote Hatsumi Soke:

"Everyday life is stressful and worrisome enough. Your time in the dojo should be anything but. Training should be fun and carefree."
kanji nin Nin: The blade above the heart.