bujinkan ikkan dojo 1
The first view of the cellar room that was to become
Daisho Dojo. Full of Junk, yes, but look at the potential.
  bujinkan ikkan dojo 2
Another view of the Cellar as it was.
bujinkan ikkan dojo 3
I can see clearly now that the junk is gone!
  bujinkan ikkan dojo 4
Roughing it! Richard, Jon, Becky and another member getting ready to train.
bujinkan ikkan dojo 5
Richard Whitham, Bex and myself getting ready to train. In the early sessions we roughed it a bit, they were happy times though.
  bujinkan ikkan dojo 6
Always trying to improve. The room a week later with a lick of paint and a few mats down. The sit up bench was a regular torture in my private training sessions.
bujinkan ikkan dojo 7
Not quite paradise, but a training space none the less
  bujinkan ikkan dojo 8
The room without the mats down. Not a soft landing on carpet and underlay!
bujinkan ikkan dojo 9
A Student I.M.A. peeks into the Dojo, before one of the early training sesions to take place at Daisho Dojo.
  Mick gets kicked
Jeffery Cox (Canada) looks on as olivia gives her dad Mick a sorting out!
bujinkan ikkan dojo finished
With Mats Donated By Impact Martial Arts, and hard work carried out by friends
and Students From Bujinkan Ikkan Dojo. The Dojo as it appeared when completed.
Almost six months of work and dedication came together to become Daisho Dojo.
Much of the work and time spent transforming the cellar into Daisho Dojo is not documented or photographed. We also have a changing room that triples as a massage room and a drop in centre, where friends can sit and talk martial arts or just pass the time of day between training sessions.

Without all the people who helped out by giving their time, efforts and donations of paint, wood and tools to do the manual work with, whom provided transport for materials, ideas and inspiration as well as getting a brush in their hands to either sweep the floor or paint the walls and doors. All contributed greatly and brought Daisho Dojo to life.

We now move forward on our path

Live well, Ninpo Ikkan
Patience is a tree with bitter roots that bears sweet fruits