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Grappling Technique (taken from a Scroll)

Looking to buy books on the Japanese martial arts? Try Buyu Books

Bujinkan Honbu Dojo
The Bujinkan Honbu Website. This is maintained for soke and has training information and a copy of the Bujinkan Dojo guidelines.

Ben Jones Japanese Translator
Japanese Translation services, Translator to Hatsumi Sensei on many Taikai around the world.

The Lordens Hotel
Lordens Hotel is the establishment below which we are based, the Public house has activities most nights and a Sunday carvery, where you can enjoy a great Sunday lunch with family and friends at an affordable price. Their is also a function room that caters for private parties and meetings.

Understand? Good. Play!
A book of comments, quotes and thoughts on training and life by sensei. Taken from training sessions attended by Benjamin Cole whilst studying in Japan.

Nine Circles
Good Japanese Budo Equipment. Good quality Tabi, Bokken, Naginata and Kendo Training equipment

Budo Underground Ezine
In house (published randomly) Martial Arts (budo Taijutsu) Web based magazine.

Basic kamae and strikes
On this site you will find a basic guide to the Kamae and some of the strikes used in Taijutsu. Also information on classes.

Moi Fa Martial Arts
Moi Fa Martial Arts. 7 Star praying Mantis Kung Fu, Little Dragons, Sanshou, Lion Dancing and other Related Arts (if you are into this style this is well worth a look).

Get Physical
Check out this site if you are wanting good information on health and fitness. Run by fully trained fitness coaches, who are pleaseant to talk to and extremly helpful.

Bujinkan Budokai Nederland
The website of Sveneric Bogsater. Our Dojo members have trained with Sveneric on many occasions over the years.

Royal Armories
We are currently planning a trip to the Royal armouries at Leeds to see the shogun exibition. Take a look what is on offer at the armouries.

As the site grows their will be more links on other pages, mainly to do with the Bujinkan but other sites will be placed on if they may be of interest to those of you who use these pages. Drop me an Email if you find and interesting site.

"Don't have a fixed idea in your head (that you have to use this or that technique). Use everything you've learned until now." ...Masaaki Hatsumi