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Events and Seminars
bujinkan Bujinkan Dojo On this page you will find information about upcomming Bujinkan seminars around the country. I will put basic information I have on seminars on here, along with any links, contact numbers and email addresses.

This will help keep us all informed of what is going on where, and enable us as a group to get together and arrange visits to train with other more experienced practitioners of the Bujinkan.

If you wish to send us information on seminars please feel free to do so, I will update as seminar dates pass.

Below is a list of the seminars we have been informed of.
Please contact the seminar host for further details.

Thomas Franzen 15th Dan
12th/13th July

Rainbow and Dove (public house!)
Hastingwood road

50 for 2 days; 25 for 1 day, this price with deposit, no deposit; 60 and 30 respectively.
Seminar is outside, free camping on site so bring your own tent.
For info contact: norman.smithers@ntlworld.com

Dave Heald 14th Dan (Saturday), John Gardner 11th Dan (Sunday)
26th/27th July

Lache Community Centre
Hawthorn Road

40 for both days, 30 for one
Contact: Stephen Boulton Stephen@boulton9315.fsnet.co.uk

Please see seminar contact page for where to send your information.